Girl Scouts go Geochaching

Girl Scout Troop 40044 went geocaching on Saturday, April 11. We found seven geocaches.

Geocaching is modern-day treasure hunting. Geocaching websites list caches, their latitudes and longitudes, and hints to the location of a cache.  A cache is some sort of waterproof container, hidden in an outdoor location, on public land.  Over 30 caches are hidden in and around Austin, Minn., with thousands more throughout the state.

All you need for geocaching is a hand-held GPS, Internet access, and a desire to look around outdoors. The GPS gets you within 20-30 feet of the cache. The clues and your ability to find things do the rest.

For more great pictures of Troop 40044’s geocaching adventure, view the photo album on River Valleys’ Facebook fan page.