Local Girl Scouts Win National Honors

Third grade Girl Scout Troop 52997 has won honors in two categories in the 2009 Kids’ Science Challenge. The girls were the only ones nationwide to place in two categories—an amazing feat, given that the contest drew more than 700 entries from across the country!

The Kids’ Science Challenge asked children to “challenge” scientists with a question or an experiment in one of four categories: skateboarding science; water science; flavor science; or extra terrestrial science. The girls placed as finalists in both the Water Challenge and the Skateboard Challenge. Their winning questions asked scientists whether it was possible to gauge the “health” of a lake based on the color and clarity of the water and whether scientists could create a skateboard made entirely of recycled materials that could also be recycled when it was no longer useful (for example, if it broke and could not be repaired).

The company judging the skateboard challenge was so impressed with the girls’ recycled skateboard suggestion that it has offered to create a prototype of the girls’ completely recycled (and recyclable) skateboard. Organizers of the Kids’ Science Challenge said they were stunned that Girl Scout Troop 52997 placed in two categories. The challenge, which draws submissions from around the country, received more than 700 creative entries; the chances of one group placing in two categories was exceptionally slim.“I’m so proud of our girls,” said Kim Pleticha, the troop’s leader. “They had so much fun coming up with creative challenges for the scientists—we spent two troop meetings dreaming up ideas! Being finalists in two categories is simply amazing and the girls are incredibly excited.”

Girl Scout Troop 52997 includes (left to right in photo, top row) Alexandra, Annaka, Annika, Paige, Jamie (left to right, bottom row) Catherine, Madeleine, Meg,
Alyssa, and Elliana. All are in third grade at O.H. Anderson Elementary School in Mahtomedi, Minn.