Rushford Girl Scouts Donate Flowers

We are the Rushford Girl Scout Junior Troop 40301, and we are glad to help others in any way we can. We were happy to spread joy to others by delivering flowers to people that got flooded [in the August 2007 flood]. We did the flowers because we wanted to help, because we thought the people of Rushford needed a little rainbow and a spring in their step. To start out, we painted pots and put dirt in them.

Then we put flowers in them. We gave more than 30 flower pots to people that were affected by the flood. We gave them to businesses, the grocery store, the school, relatives, teachers, friends, the newspaper, and to a church. We also gave them each a note, and we all signed it. We felt very kind, a little nervous, and happy to give them. People said “Thanks for the flowers,” gave us notes, and said that they felt happy, too.  We feel very joyful and happy when we see the flower pots around town, because we know that we did something to help.