Girl Scouts Visit Raptor Center

In February, Juniors Troop 52763 from Oneka Elementary School visited the Raptor Center on the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine on the St. Paul campus. The Raptor Center put on a great program for the girls; they learned about several types of birds, their habitats, and what the Raptor Center does for injured birds.

The girls got to see Red-tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles, a Turkey Vulture, American Kestrels, Owls, and a Peregrine Falcon.  They also learned about what classifies a bird as a raptor, the differences between the bird types, and what and how they find their food. Most importantly, the girls learned why the birds were at the Raptor Center.

There are about 800 birds brought to the Raptor Center each year due to injuries, lead poisoning, and human imprinting. The girls learned that it is very important to notify the Raptor Center or another local animal organization when encountering an injured or abandoned bird so that it can get the care that it needs and a has chance of being rehabilitated and released back into the wild. The Raptor Center releases birds back into the wild all year long and twice a year they do public releases at Hyland Park Reserve.

For a great educational wildlife and environmental experience, the girls of Troop 52763 encourage all troops to take a visit to the Raptor Center. For more information on the Raptor Center, visit their website at

Picture #1– Our Troop at the Raptor Center:
Back row (L-R): Paige, Tess, Kasey, Katie, Eden, Jenna, and Annie. Front row (L-R): Julia, Ashley, and Ariana.

Picture #2–  The girls listen to a Raptor Center volunteer talk outside of the Bald Eagle habitat display.

Picture #3– A Raptor Center volunteer talks about the Red-tailed Hawk.