Girl Scouts Serving People Serving People

Even girls can see a need and work to fill it.
Girl Scout Troop 10652  from Normandale Elementary in Edina delivered more than 75 pajamas and handmade blankets to People Serving People, but this was more than just collecting a few PJs and dropping them off….

When troop 10652 planned their community service drive they had some goals in mind:

1. Girls would understand a need

  • They wanted to help children.
  • They wanted to know how the economy was affecting girls in their own community.
  • The statistics from a Star Tribune article this  fall were really shocking to them: “Minneapolis estimates that about 5,500 of its 35,000 students — about one out of six — are homeless or lack permanent housing at some point during the school year.” (9/8/2008 Star Tribune)

2. Girls would know who the children are who would  benefit.

  • They do not know them specifically,  but they did know they were trying to reach homeless children in the Minneapolis Public School district.

3. Girls would fulfill a need.

  • PJ’s — there that many are long johns that can be worn under clothing.
  • Collected books for a  children’s library.
  • Collected homemade blankets from Troop 12226.

4. Girls would involve more than just their own troop.

  • They invited other troops at their school to participate, and at least four to five troops at  Normandale participated.

5. Girls would understand the organization that they were donating to.

  • Girls watched a video at People Serving People, which explained the organization and why volunteering is so important.
  • They toured the facility and were able to ask questions.
  • They were excited to see that People Serving People offers a Girl Scout troop every week.

6. Girls would actively participate.

  • Many did chores around the house to earn money  for the PJs.
  • Many went through their own library and donated  books.
  • When the girls delivered the PJs and books, they spent time organizing the children’s library.
  • They spent time at the facility.

People Serving People is largest and most comprehensive, family-focused shelter in Minnesota. Sixty percent of their guests are children under the age of 18, and the average guest is just seven years old. Approximately 300 guests are sheltered each night, and 30 days is the average stay for a guest. Thirty-five school buses arrive twice a day to take children to their hometown schools across the county. Two thousand children are provided child care and attend developmental programs annually. Seven hundred tutoring sessions are given to children annually.

In the picture from back to front Isabella, Brianna, Sophia, Maggie, and Holly. (Troop members not pictured: Isabel, Isabelle, Margie, Zelda, Megan, Erin, Elizabeth, Eleanor, and Zoë.