Troop Camping

For the last four years I have taken a troop of girls to summer camp. The first two years we went to Camp Lakamaga. Then we were ready for a little more adventure, so last summer and this summer we headed to Camp Northwoods for five days and four nights.

Camp Northwoods is about a three- to four-hour drive from the Twin Cities, but well worth the extra gas and time.

Taking a troop to summer camp is very easy to do. We pick the days we want to go, decide if we want to stay in the troop house, cabins, or tents (we always stay in the tents), and select our activities. We tell the camp staff what we want to do each day, and the camp will provide the staff needed.

We decide what meals we want to eat in the lodge and what meals we want to make in our unit. (We usually do about half in the lodge and half in the unit. We always have breakfast in our unit since it is an easy meal to do and usually allows us to have a more relaxed morning. And we have supper in the lodge when we are tired at the end of the day.)

Going to camp as a troop is quite economical. The planning is very minimal. (We usually work on one or two badges and bring a craft to do in our unit.) The camp staff are so welcoming and helpful. Anytime we need anything, they are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we get what we need.

I would highly recommend any troop leader to take their girls to Girl Scout camp. Your troop gets to enjoy a summer camp experience, and you get wonderful help from the camp staff. Our troop was already planning our return trip to Northwoods next summer on our drive home last summer. Their request: more horseback riding!