Grab ‘n’ Go Bags

The Winsted Junior Girl Scouts make “Grab ‘n Go” bags for the Teachers in Winsted.

The Girl Scouts, along with leader Kathy Condon, were making these bags as part of a service project to earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award. They have put together individual classroom bags for all of the elementary teachers at both Winsted Elementary and Holy Trinity Elementary School. Each of the 24 bags made contain: anti-bacterial wipes, first-aid kits, latex-free gloves, “barf” bag, container of tissues, pen and notebook, flashlight and battery, and a whistle. The teachers will add the following: class list, class photo, and emergency contact information for the class.

These bags can be used for field trips, picnics, fire drill, “lock-downs,” and whenever the teacher may be away from the school or classroom. All important information and necessary items will be at her fingertips in one easy carry-along bag.

The Girl Scouts thought that it was important to be able to help out their teachers in any way possible. The safety of our children is an important issue, and by making these bags for the teachers they now will have a great way to help keep everyone safe.

And the stylish bags are a plus!