Girl Scout Troop 30478 Aids Their Feathered Friends

On March 16 the girls from Girl Scout Troop 30478 gathered with their fathers or grandfathers for a community service project. Each girl built two bird houses with the aid of either their father or grandfather. The girls were able to take one of the bird houses home to put in their backyard, and the other was donated to Marshall, Minn. Parks and Recreation. The bird houses that were donated will be placed in the many parks in the Marshall area for the community to enjoy.

On April 2 the troop gathered at the Parks and Recreation Board meeting to present the bird houses. The activity allowed the girls to learn many valuable lessons. They learned about pre-drilling holes, how to use an electric screw driver, and proper sanding. The best part was spending some quality one-on-one time with their fathers or grandfathers.

If you would like to build your own bird house the plans Troop 30478 used are located at